Our World is Awakening

See the Truth through all the Lies.

Our World is Awakening

See the Truth through all the Lies.


WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on Donal Trump meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki Finland. We go over the meltdown of Anderson Cooper, John Brennan and others in the deep state. Also How Putin Called out Peter Strzok, Hillary Clinton and George Soros

Witnesses Against The Satanic NWO

Trump and Putin

Nicaragua unrest

Deadly Nicaragua

MASAYA, Nicaragua — Violent clashes in Nicaragua flared on Friday night, with several people seriously injured at a church in the capital, following months of unrest pitting pro-government forces against protesters that has claimed some 300 lives. The clashes between forces that support President Daniel Ortega and demonstrators calling for his resignation mark the deadliest protests in Nicaragua since its civil war ended in 1990.

Stzrok And His Lack of Ethics

Laws made to ease Law Enforcement Officer's jobs? A fiery hearing with former FBI agent Peter Stzrok reveal his lack of ethics. He and those like him, not those trying to hold him accountable, are undermining the credibility of the FBI.

Failed Boston False Flag

Intelligence agencies, their tactics to infuence policies.

Trump Pardons Hammonds!

About time. A terrible injustice had been perpetrated on a family of American farmers.

Economic War Begins

Air Conditioning is "Sexist" Say Feminists!


According to pedantic idiots.

June 30th Opposing groups clash in downtown Portland riot

Civil unrest and Division a dangerous thing. “A house divided against itself cannot stand." ― Abraham Lincoln

Antifa Starting the Portland Riot

Intelligence community corruption and the soft 'coup' attempt

At this point in time, I don't even understand why the 'news' networks are still speaking and developping the stories.

Any American that cannot see the obvious deserves the future.

We no longer live in country of Laws. We live in a country overflowing with schemes and corruption. We no longer have 3 branches of government, but 6 branches of government, 3 of them are part of a covert government.

It will take a lot of restrain to not let this soft Civil War turn into an all out Civil War.

SES File Dump Ongoing

Senior Executive Service: 10,000 Cadres work for Corporations (big money)

The Right Stuff

Are you 'The Right Stuff', or are your actions 'The Right Stuff'?

What does it take today to be 'The Right Stuff'?

Here is what I think it takes: Love Human Kind first; Love Liberty; Love principles; Love God our Creator; Love your country and help make it a place of Freedom; Defend The Constitution and the Bill of Rights; Defend and guide children for they are the future; Defend your family and your family values; Constantly Learn; Be Righteous; Be Forgiving; Be Compassionate; Take the time to Listen to God He is guiding you; DO NOT trust Evil Agendas or Evil Behavior; Always be aware of Evil; Always think before you act; Have direction in your Life; Strive for the Good; DO NOT be swayed by personalities; DO NOT engage in Cultic behavior; We are unique each and every one of us, so don't blindly follow others like Sheep do.

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Interesting quotes and sayings.

Have you done a Don Quixote lately? Note, imaginary Don Quixote, the Night, fought the Windmills. If you have done that, you may want to calm down, and rethink your actions.

Choose your Battles wisely. Some are not even worth your attention or your time.

"By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest."  _  Confucius