Our World is Awakening

See the Truth through all the Lies.

Our World is Awakening

See the Truth through all the Lies.

In Response to Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs

August 8th by F.A.

Source Washington Examiner August 7th


Can Deep State Do To Trump As They Did To Kennedy? July 29th by F.A.

POTUS's electors and support base are the most armed people on the face of this World.
Should the Deep State pull a Kennedy on President Trump, they, their families, their supporters, their handlers, would be hunted down and...

Earth's Tilt Causes Seasons? July 21st 2018 by F.A.

My conspiracy theory related to the Parkland, FL school shooting July 19th 2018 by M.H.

Military Industrial Complex and Intelligence Community July 17th 2018 by F.A. (They've warned us in 1961)

OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT TRUMP July 16th 2018 Video by SGT Report

Enough Circus Already ! July 14th 2018 by F.A. and Video by KrisAnne Hall 

China Warns of "Peace Disease" And "Unavoidable" War With US July 13th 2018 Video by James Corbett

Trump Pardons Hammonds! July 10th 2018 Video by Roy Potter

Independence Day Thoughts July 4th 2018 by F.A.

Civil War Imminent July 1st 2018 by F.A.

How Can People Believe This? June 29th 2018 by F.A.

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