Our World is Awakening

See the Truth through all the Lies.

Our World is Awakening

See the Truth through all the Lies.

To my surprise, it was not a Fire in the distance!

How is it that the Moon doesn't change shape cyclicly with the rise and setting of the Sun, through the day? It is said that the shadow of Earth causes 'mostly' the Moon phases, it should change shape by the hour if not by the minute. It should go from a thin crescent to a full Moon daily.

Video Channel and truly yours introduction. A glance at the wide interests presented: from sports to martial arts; from flying to riding; from diagnosing to fixing; from politics to religion; from history to today's events. Hope I peeked your interest.

God's Creation. King James Version Bible text.
Earth and the Universe in Scriptures

Advanced Ancient Civilizations with all resources available combined to discredit the "Ancient Alien" story.

This is an example of testing a functioning simple 12V DC circuit.

This message is for all the parents and Young Adults. Guns will not Kill us for sure. The GeoEngineering of Earth WILL KILL US ALL.
YOU, the young parents, the young adults, a feel deeply sorry to you, for not having recognized sooner what 'THEY' are doing to humanity.

Great Civilizations and Empires from Blog 'Our World is Awakening'. Text version available on Blog.

Regime Systems - Vicky Davis Interview of April 25th 2018 by Roy Potter

Rosalind Peterson presentation at the Agriculture Defense Coalition.