Our World is Awakening

See the Truth through all the Lies.

Our World is Awakening

See the Truth through all the Lies.

2018 World Cup Final: France (4) - Croatia (2)

Will France have an extended Bastille Day?

France likely to win this Cup, with this great attacking team filled with young and energetic players. Croatia however, is full of surprises. This should be a super like it aught to be Attacking game.

Sunday 15th 11:00

End of Game: France WIN's it's 2nd World Cup in 20 years!

Croatia did keep this game alive. They even controlled the game.

But with this young French team any opportunity can become GOAL. Yes they did have fewer opportunities, but that's what they are masters at, they know how to make it count. Their counter attacks have proven to be lethal all through this Cup. Their ability to defend is even more impressive. No team in this Cup was more able to capitalize on opportunities. They'll be the team to beat in the next 4 years.

PS: France is the country where I learned to play this game.

Belgium (2) - England (0)

These two teams have someting to prove. It will be a very dynamic game.

Eng of Game: Indeed this was a great game to watch. Belgium - France of July 10th was what should have been the Final game. Yes Belgium is one of the Best teams of this 2018 Cup.

Final and 3rd place Matches

Seeing what France was capable of so far, I think they will take the Cup home. However, Croatia can be full of surprises. Expect to see a lot of goals in this final.

I'm afraid Belgium will be the 3rd place winner, as I believe the France vs. Belgium looked to me like the two best teams in this Cup playing. England may have to settle for 4th place.

Croatia (2) - England (1)

14:00 today July 11th, Croatia will be taking on favorite England. Will the underdog be able to match long time World class England? Will the sea of English spectators cheer or will they pout?

Croatia certainly has the capacity to cause an upset.

End Game: In the first half it looked like England was going to win this game. The early goal dishartenned Croatia.

Croatia however was able to equalize, and then the game changed to a more even one.

In extra time Croatia with more training of extra time (3rd consecutive), was all over England, scored a second, and looked like they could have scored more.

France (1) - Belgium (0)

France is starting to master an attacking game that few teams in this Cup can handle. If France plays Belgium in attacking fashion, there will be no PK's in this game. They will win it on the pitch. Instead if they try to play this ugly defensive game as they did in their practice game against Denmark (at the expense of the Best South American team of Peru), then it could go to PK's and then they could lose.

End of Game: Belgium we could say controlled the first half. There were opportunities on both sides. But, the beginning of the second half was France's attacks, and they had success on a header from a corner kick. Belgium battled, but without success. A great game to watch!

France vs. Belgium (short)

July 10th Semi Final game

Sweden (0) - England (2)

England has the potential to win it over Sweden, but Sweden has proven to be a team capable of matching their opponents.

End of Game: England played their best game yet, today. They showed that they are one of this 2018 World Cup possible winner.

Russia (2-3) - Croatia (2-4)

Can Croatia keep their composure against the host? Croatia is one of the best teams in this tournament.

What a game this was! Russia never gave up. 2 goals in regular time 1-1. 1 goal in the first extra time with Croatia in the lead. Croatia President dancing in the VIP booth in front of Medvedev. The Russia equalizes with a header by new one year citizen Fernandez (originaly from Brazil).

Croatia wins it in PK's.

Uruguay (0) - France (2)

France came out strong. To my opinion, they dominated this game, but still attacked to the end. Uruguay did not stand a chance against this more than likely World Cup 2018 possible Winner. They will be bery difficult to stop. I can't see any other team capable of outmatching them, except for Belgium. Too bad France vs. Belgium will be in the Semi Finals on July 10th.

Brazil (1) - Belgium (2)

Had Brazil played the first half (1 goal) with as much passion than the 2nd half, who knows what the outcome might have been.

Belgium outclassed them in the first half (2 goals), and take a well deserved win.

Courtois is one of the best Keeper in this tournament, if not the best.

South America 2018

The Teams Ranked according to their World Cup 2018 prestation.


1st Peru (Was Best)

2nd Argentina

3rd Uruguay

4th Brasil

5th Colombia

FIFA World Rankings

1 Germany

2 Brasil

3 Belgium

4 Portugal

5 Argentina

6 Switzerland

7 France

8 Poland

10 Spain

11 Peru

12 Denmark

12 England

14 Uruguay

15 Mexico

16 Columbia



In Green, teams still in competition.

In Red, teams out of the World Cup.

20 Croatia

21 Tunisia

22 Iceland

23 Costa Rica

24 Sweden

27 Senegal

34 Serbia

36 Australia

37 Iran

41 Morocco

45 Egypt

48 Nigeria

55 Panama

57 Korea

61 Japan

67 Saudi Arabia

70 Russia


As of June 3rd. Possible World Cup winners: Belgium; France. 3rd and 4th: England; Uruguay; Croatia?

Quater Finals

8 teams remaining. 4 Games until the Semi Finals.


July 6th

10:00 - Uruguay vs. France

14:00 - Brazil vs. Belgium


July 7th

10:00 - Sweden vs. England

14:00 - Russia vs. Croatia


My favorites in Bold.

Columbia (out) vs. England (Win on PK's)

Will England show us what they are capable of? Will Columbia play without frustration and fouls?

End of game: Another very disappointing game from England, but with a team that like Columbia that doesn't respect the rules of the game...

Belgium (3) - Japan (2)

Will the 'Samurais' give a run to this European powerhouse?

Half Time: I trully believe that Japan is surprising everyone. They are earning respect at international level. They've become a World Class contender.

End of Game: With 5 goals in 2nd half, this was an utmost entertaining game. Japan took the lead with 2 goals, but Belgium was able to come back and and outscored them.

Croatia (1-3) vs. Denmark (1-2)

Croatia has been outstanding. Denmark a regular World class team.

After the game: Except for the first 4 minutes of this game and the last 6, it was a boring game. On the last call in the Penalty area, in addition to a Penalty, the referee should have given a Red Card.

Deserved WIN for Croatia.

Neither of those teams are potential World Cup Winners anyway.

France (4) - Argentina (3)

I must retract my disappointment in France. Didier Deschamps (98 World Cup winner) has made a team capable of taking on any team. They’ve finally shown their true colors. They are fast in retreat, fast on counter-attack, and are full of creativity. Argentina didn’t see it coming. 19 year old Nbappe is too fast for most (reminds me of Klinsmann). Griezmann is a master play maker and scorer. So many talents: Pavard, Varane, Umtiti, Kante, Giroud…

France vs. Argentina Highlights

England (0) vs. Belgium (1)

Both teams played a very cautious game, yet provide some delightful accelerations for scoring opportunities. Two potential World Cup winners.

Iceland (1) vs. Croatia (2)

The Rookies did give Croatia a hard game. It was nice seing a new competitive participant to the World Cup.

Denmark (0) vs. France (0)

France way too relaxed didn't seem very eager to win. thumbsdown

Suis vraiment déçu de cette équipe Française.

England (6) vs. Panama (1)

I suspect England thumbsupthumbsup will come out on top. This game is where they will show us if they are indeed World contenders.

Half time comments: Panama completely outclassed by an England thumbsupthumbsupthumbsupthumbsup side that proved to be a World Cup contender. 5 goals to nothing at half time has to be a record. Panama with a collection of Yellow cards, may see a few ejections on the second half.

End of Game: Panama reduced the fouls, and scored once. Answered by another frome England.

Belgium (5) vs. Tunisia (2)

Belgium is destined to give us a scoring show. Who are their goal scorers? We will find out soon, as they are about to secure their advancement in the Knockout round.

Half time comments: As expected this game offered 3 goals, from both sides in the first 20 minutes. Probably a record. They went to locker rooms at 3-1. Expect more goals in the second half.

End Game: It was a fun game to watch.

Argentina (0) vs. Croatia (3)

Croatia is capable of creating an upset. Argentina better be at the top of their game, because Croatia intends to give them an elimination game.

Half Time: Argentina is the better team, but will they be able to score? Is MESSI getting too old?

End of Game: An UPSET it is! Croatia thumbsupthumbsupthumbsup stepped it up, against a flat footed Argentina thumbsupthumbsup

France (1) vs. Peru (0)

This will be a defining game. One of those two teams could be World contenders. Which one will prove to be so?

Half time comments: The French squad did raise their level of play 2 notches thumbsupthumbsupthumbsup, they had to, against this very competitive Peruvian team thumbsupthumbsupthumbsup. France 1 - Peru 0. But the game is not over. Can France maintain this slight edge? Will Peru comme back on the pitch with added creativity?

End game: Fun game to watch both teams tried their best, and I believe it was their best.

The Teams that did not deliver but may Wake Up.

There are two Teams that I believe could straighten out their game, and may offer new World Cup challengers: England and France.

Both Teams did not live up to their expectations, but if they wake-up on time could give some challenge in the Knockout phase.

Tunisia (1) vs. England (2)

This is a no brainer. England should take the win.

Half time comments: no brainer? England thumbsupthumbsup was disappointing. Not a World Cup winner from seeing this first half. Granted, Tunisia thumbsup was playing better than I thought. But give out a Penalty on such stupid move?

End of game: Well, England IS better than Tunisia. They finally scored in the last minutes. What a poor prestation from England.

Belgium (3) vs. Panama (0)

Not sure about Panama, but Belgium has always been a strong contender at the World Cup.

Half time comments: Belgium thumbsupthumbsupthumbsup did show to be the better team. Only a matter of time for them to take the lead. Decent prestation from Panama thumbsupthumbsup.

End of game: As expected. But a great prestation from Panama, another rookie.

Croatia (2) vs. Nigeria (0)

What are those two teams made of? Both have potential.


Half time comments: Fairly even teams, but the level is not very high. Goal Croatia on a diving header.

End game comments: Croatia was the better team. Notice the Johan Cruyff look alike on Croatia's side?


Croatia thumbsupthumbsup - Nigeria thumbsup

France (2) vs. Australia (1)

Well, I didn't see the first half. The second half proved France's inconsistency. They won the game, and were better than Australia, but France will not be a contender to the title. Yes, France did display some talent at times, but again, not enough, and a disappointing show.

France thumbsup - Australia thumbsup

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