Our World is Awakening

See the Truth through all the Lies.

Our World is Awakening

See the Truth through all the Lies.

Do official government documents confirm Flat Earth and the Firmament?

Rotating Earths, static clouds and no stars?


NASA 1966

Through the Ages

The debate among 'scientists' has been raging. is it a Sphere or an "Oblate Spheroid"?

"Pear shaped" Neil deGrasse Tyson

NASA representations since 1972

Biblical concept and representation of the World

The World in the Bible or Torah

In The Bible, The Old Testament depicts the creation of the World.

Genesis 1 Is the chapter that tells Judeo-Christians how God created the World and Man kind (enjoy it in a Video format). The Book of Genesis written by Moses lays the foundation of a knowledge pretty much ignored today. Most Christians have never read The Old Testament. They've been told about it by their Priests or Preachers.

The Moon

How is it that the Moon doesn't change shape cyclicly with the rise and setting of the Sun, through the day?  Since it is said that the shadow of the Earth is what causes 'mostly' the Moon phases, it should change shape by the hour if not by the minute. It should go from a thin crescent to a full Moon daily.
Think about it, folks. Since supposedly the Moonlight is a reflexion of the Sunlight?