Our World is Awakening

See the Truth through all the Lies.

Our World is Awakening

See the Truth through all the Lies.

France is starting to master an attacking game that few teams in this Cup can handle.

If France plays Belgium in attacking fashion, there will be no PK's in this game. They will win it on the pitch.

Instead if they try to play this ugly defensive game as they did in their practice game against Denmark (at the expense of the Best South American team of Peru), then it could go to PK's and then they could lose.

Who do you think will WIN the 2018 World Cup?

France vs. Belgium: France will win to go to the Finals.

Croatia vs. England: Croatia will win to got to the Finals.


Belgium vs. England: England might win on PK's.


France vs. Croatia: ???


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Quarter Finals

I don't think Uruguay can handle France if France play as in their last game.

Brazil hasn't shown it's old glory yet. They did show their acting talent. Belgium is a superior team than today's Brazil.

Even though Sweden is a strong team, I doubt they'll be able to get past England.

Russia vs. Croatia is a though one to call, but I think Croatia is the better team.

WOW, just Wow

This is one of the most surprising, suspenseful, and spectacular World Cup I have ever seen.

Quater Finals July 6th - 7th

Place your bets!

I'll go out on a limb from what I have seen so far.


June 30th - Portugal beats Uruguay WRONG

June 30th - France beats Argentina (not because they are better, but because of past history) Wrong again they won because they were the better team.

July 1st - Spain beats Russia WRONG

July 1st - Croatia beats Denmark

July 2nd - Mexico beats Brasil WRONG

July 2nd - Belgium beats Japan

July 3rd - Sweden beats Switzerland

July 3rd - England beats Columbia